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Like every ship's captain, Toni is a skilled organiser of people and things, instinctively knowing what needs doing to keep the ship on course and the team going well.  And these are talents she brings to her advice for your business.  Whether it's strategy, HR or recruitment, rest assured that Toni will help you have your ship sailing in the right direction in no time.

And with current farming interests and a background in corporate management, sales and marketing, Toni is well positioned to understand your needs as well as lead the No8HR team.  Her experience in large-scale global businesses as well as the not for profit and small industry sectors, combined with the reality of running a farm in New Zealand, means she understands what it takes when it comes to making a business work, whatever the scale.

Her HR and Marketing degree from Waikato University has been an invaluable foundation to her work at No8HR along with her strong links to the agribusiness and farming sectors.

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Never underestimate the importance of your career and work to your happiness...that's a mantra Sue lives with every day as she helps people navigate and make the best career choices, for them (and their families).  So when you're looking for a person to help guide and secure success in your career,   helping you take the next step, or maybe leap, on your pathway to success then you won't do any better that Sue.  
As our dedicated career specialist Sue's been there, done that across much of the dairy sector.  Having first had experienced farm management and contract milking, Sue knows what it takes from both an employee and employer perspective.  
But don't be fooled, Sue's experience is much wider than on-farm roles, having graduated with a BSc Hons Agri in Food Marketing and Business Studies Sue has worked in sales, insurance and retail in the rural and commercial sectors, so where-ever you think your career could take you, there's a good chance Sue's seen it and can provide you with insights that will help you secure the right position for you.
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Lee's always secretly wanted to be an we let her have the job title and what do you know, it fits!  According to our thesaurus engineers plan, cause, concoct, plot and contrive to design and modify.  And in Lee's case this applies to business and people strategy and performance.   Whether you're looking to develop your understanding of the people possibilities in your business or want to take a wider view of opportunities and risks Lee can help.

As one of the founders of No8HR Lee understands what it means to be a business owner as well as bringing years (too many to count) of experience in leadership, HR and people development roles.  This includes global experience gained in a range of roles from senior leadership, governance, operational board and management, to technical specialist and advisor.  

Lee is a Chartered Member of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand and has built a strong reputation nationally for both her professional expertise and her abilities as a motivational speaker and facilitator.

021 544 020                


When Roz joined the No8HR team we knew she had talent...finding the right label has been a little more difficult.  With a background in the rural sector Roz knows her stuff when it comes to helping people find the right job, developing their skills and doing great things for the businesses they work in. But more than that, Roz weaves her magic helping us and our clients have the right systems, technology and work processes to support excellent performance.

What you'll find when you're dealing with Roz is that you not only get great advice that will ensure your business is on track to achieve the goals you've set yourself, things also often take on a new clarity as she asks the questions that really help you gain insights into what will shift your business from good to great.

Whether it's payroll, recruitment, a training and development or HR project Roz provides both applicants and clients with a framework for success and the follow-up to ensure it happens.

In her spare time Roz is a squash fanatic and we still can't really work out how she fits that in with her young family and everything she does for us.

021 544 712                     


Wikipedia describes a guru as a "mentor, guide, expert or master" of certain knowledge or field...and that sums up our Paula.  With 15 years under her belt at No8HR and over 25 years payroll experience and 20 years working her magic in the accounts there's not much Paula hasn't seen or experienced. 

This experience helps our business and our clients find the quickest solution to an issue in an environment where getting it right is critical.  With a background in both public and private sectors Paula easily relates to the problems faced by businesses in ensuring they meet their payroll and accounting obligations and she's got a great way of explaining things so we all 'get it.'   

From advice on what, when and how to pay, managing tricky payroll questions and how to translate Wages Act or other changes in legislation into understandable actions, Paula has it covered.

Paula's career has spanned local government, construction and professional services industries and in her spare time she and her husband  run a successful (and award winning) building business and have interests in dairy farms in Australia.

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