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Below are some Dos and Don’ts for you to think about when carrying out a process to select who stays and who goes.

The Dos

The selection criteria should be as objective as possible.  This means it should be based on data and facts rather than assumptions and ‘gut feel’.

Each selection criteria can be given an weighting that you geniunely believe is appropriate to the work being undertaken.  For example, if you choose ‘experience’ as a criteria then you might assign the following weightings:

0 = less than 6 months experience

1 = Between 6 months and 12 months experience

2 = Between 12 months and 2 years experience

3 = Over 2 years’ experience

4 = Over 5 years experience

Once your selection criteria have been drafted, they need to be provided to the team members (and their representatives) for their feedback.  You need to do this before proceeding with your process of assessing people against the criteria.  

You also need to tell people how:

the selection criteria will be applied, 

which roles will be in the ‘selection pool’ 

who will be making the decision (it’s always a good idea if this is more than one person)

Team members should be given the opportunity to comment on their tentative selection scores before these are finalised (this does not mean that they will get to see everyone else’s scores).

The Don’ts

The selection criteria should avoid any criteria that could be discriminatory.  This would include things like criteria that adversely impact the team member for things like:

o  Attendance, where the team member’s lack of attendance is related to 

legitimate sick leave, bereavement leave or parental leave.  You cannot now 

start to address performance concerns when these have previously not been

discussed or commented on with the team member.

o   Any other criteria that could be seen as related to race, religion, gender, 

caregiving responsibilities, marital or living status, ethical or political belief, 

family status or sexual orientation.

You must not decide who will or will not be selected for the roles that will continue in your business before a fair process has been followed to consult on the proposed restructure of the business, as well as the selection criteria.

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