How Hard (or Easy!) Is it to get Employment ‘Right’?

You may recall that in the last issue we were asked about the value we bring to the recruitment process…well, in a similar vein, we’ve found ourselves working through some challenging employment relations issues recently.  Clearly we can’t go into details here, but we have recently come across a couple of articles that highlight the risks and costs involved in getting this wrong.

The first article describes a ‘landmark judgement’ and highlights the risks and potential penalties involved in getting things wrong when employing migrant workers.

The second article is not quite so specific, rather it outlines the biggest/most common mistakes that employers make according to the Employment Relations Authority.

Here at No8HR we work hard with great employers on a daily basis to help them avoid being in the media for all the wrong reasons!  One of the key things an employer can do is to set the foundations correctly, and that includes get the employment agreement right.  Here are some basics:

  • Make sure you have an employment agreement for each team member (this could be an individual agreement or a collective agreement)

  • The agreement must be signed by both parties, prior to the team member starting

  • The employer must keep a copy of the employment agreement

  • Any changes to the agreement must be by mutual agreement and in writing

If you have any questions or want to have a chat about any employment issues, give the team a call on 07 870 4901 .