Four Essential Qualities of Great Teams

There are no great leaders without great teams…..and teams look and feel different now to ever before. The weekend of 8th June was a BIG one in the gaming world.  Destiny2 – The Final ShapeRead more

AEWV - Immigration NZ Audits

Over the past few months we have worked closely with two separate clients who are Accredited Employers, and who were both randomly selected by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) for post-accreditationRead more

The Importance of Composure

We regularly talk to employers after they have received a resignation and see high levels of emotions at play, generally one or more of: extreme relief, because the exiting team member was a problemRead more

Recruitment in our sector: let's get creative

If the food and fibre sector in NZ is to thrive we need to find good quality labour; we know this continues to be a challenge – not just for our sector, but for all sectors – so to do this weRead more

What's making our phone ring?

We’re working with several clients at the moment in the performance review and personal development planning space.  We’ve had a number of them comment to us that they struggle with separatingRead more

What’s making our phone ring?

As reflect on what we’re hearing and seeing come into the business over the past month, it prompts the question: are we getting too stressed?   With the calls that have come in recently, we areRead more

What's making our phone ring?

This is my favourite article in this series so far, because over the past month we have had a number of calls from people wanting to grow and develop their people, so they’ve been calling on us toRead more

Resourcing HR in your business

The attached article has done a great job of wrapping up some of the key influences for the HR manager in the current environment. Increasing economic uncertainty and business change is prominent, weRead more

What’s Making Our Phone Ring?

Recruitment is in full swing! We are certainly seeing a later season this year. We know this as our phone is ring hot with good quality Contract Milkers and Farm Managers reaching out and farm ownersRead more

The cost of burnout

Back on NZ shores, in January Stuff reported on a former Noel Leeming employee being paid almost $50k after he left his job due to intense stress and burnout.  The scale of the payout for hurt, lossRead more

What’s Making Our Phone Ring?

The phone is ringing hot since we have been back and several of our customers are seeking us out to support right sizing of their business, specifically around remuneration reviews and restructuring.Read more

Legislation Repeals Update

The Government has passed legislation bringing back 90-day trials for all employers. The bill was the same as the 2011 one.   What does this mean for employers? Employers will be able to dismissRead more


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