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Smoking Hot Topic…Cannabis…

So if you’ve been in a dark cave somewhere you may not be aware of the Cannabis referendum that we vote on next month when we also vote for our favourite MPs and political parties… What we’veRead more

Equal Pay Amendment Bill – comes into force on 7 November

The guts of this one is that it changes how workers can make pay equity claims using NZ’s existing bargaining framework, thus removing some cost and time barriers that currently exist and putRead more

Employment Relations (Triangular Employment) Amendment Act – came into force on 28 June

The Employment relations (Triangular Employment) Amendment Act is a more complex piece of legislation which will no doubt be tested by case law, but fundamentally it allows for a third party to beRead more

Privacy Act Changes come into effect 1 December

We all store information in our businesses.  For some this is kept manually (at a basic level think payroll  and employee information), for others it is kept on complicated databases and customerRead more

Businesses and business leaders under pressure…

Did you take our resilience survey from our last newsletter? If you did what did you learn and, more importantly, what have you put into practice? If you didn’t, what’s stopping you gainingRead more

Kia Kaha Auckland

Early on Saturday morning No8HR’s Lee Astridge quietly emailed some mates and asked the question:  How can we let Auckland know that we care? And less than 26 hours after the first conferenceRead more

A Truly Kiwi Experience

Just over a week ago I went to Westport.  Not an easy place to get to from the Waikato with the flight to Wellington, and six hour wait in the airport before getting on the Sounds AirRead more

Update for Farmers

This is an update from Beef & Lamb and the Meat Industry Association; we thought it was worth sharing far and wide..... The Government has announced that as of midday 12 August, the Greater AucklandRead more

You Look Great in that Mask!

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister that there is a case of community transmission in South Auckland, and that the greater Auckland area will re-enter Alert Level 3 from midday today aRead more

If you're under pressure...

The first case of unfair dismissal following a failure to follow a fair process in a redundancy consultation have made it through the Employment Relations Authority.  Having a good reason to makeRead more

Crime Up?

We found this article talking about the future of crime in NZ in the near future as a result of COVID and the challenges an economic recession….not great reading but we think it’s worth you knowiRead more

Unemployment Rate Commentary

The drop in the unemployment rate announced earlier this month (to 4%) was unexpected and a closer look at the figures shows areas of concern that will impact the job market into the near and mediumRead more


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