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Great Places & Great Citizen Moments…

Some shout outs to people making a difference, big and small Tinopai on the Kaipara Harbour There’s a little place called Tinopai on one of the gentle arms of the Kaipara Harbour inRead more

Get Inspired

If you’re up for some personal development and are prone to ‘overthinking’ then this is a good one… like Houdini! more

Team Size, Friend Numbers and some simple leadership sense

Reading this article from leadership Guru Charles Handy reiterates some of those intuitive principles we all know as leaders…with numbers comes complexity and the requirement for new thinking…or Read more

8 Steps Programmes Coming Up –Virtual and Face-to-Face!!!

Following our success with facilitation in the enforced ‘on-line’ culture of lockdown, we’re instigating a virtual 8 Steps Programme.  And because it’s the first time this full programme wiRead more

Under Pressure

Getting It Right Before You and Your Business Are Under Too Much Pressure We all know that calving is tough.  There’s the long hours, increased complexity and the knowledge that what you do nowRead more

Great Jobs....

Great jobs available now and year around… More and more we’re seeing a shift in recruitment in the dairy sector away from its traditional focus on 1 June.  We support this for a number ofRead more

Leadership & Resilience

COVID has tested our leadership strength, but it is an immutable truth of life and leadership that every person’s strength can also be a weakness.  This article from Adam Bryant published in PwCRead more

Unconscious Bias

I, along with most of the world, remain aghast that racial violence and bias remains so prevalent in the world today.  The killing of George Floyd in the US is yet another reminder that as humanRead more

Kick or Pick the Lockdown Habit

I wish we could say we came up with this expression, but we didn’t, it’s from the Government's Get Sorted programme but we liked it, and the sentiment behind it, so we want to share it with you.Read more

Alert Level 1

Focus on recovery...but don't forget to celebrate! Kiwi culture is notorious for its understatement.  And whilst we are often quietly proud of our successes we seldom shout them from theRead more

Bursting (Out of) Your Bubble

Is it just me or did everyone look a little bit different…better? After nearly eight weeks of only seeing people outside my bubble over ZOOM, facetime or some other pixelated medium we, I suspectRead more

We Like Data...

And we thought this analysis by Newsroom reporter Farah Handcock published yesterday (Thursday 14 May) was a great summary of how NZ has navigated the COVID19 crisis as told ‘by the numbers.’  Read more


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