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How Will You Choose To Do 2022?

This time last year as we welcomed in 2021, naively assuming that the horror that was 2020 was behind us, we faced the year with faith that the worst was over, and hope that 2021 was when the worldRead more

Three simple steps we can all take that will make our lives easier….

Nearly five million people have already watched this YouTube clip (I confess, five of these have been me)It has been named one of 2020’s top 20 You Tube clipsAnd it’s by a really smart (andRead more

The Great Resignation

Not sure if you’ve heard about this global phenomenon yet, but the ‘Great Resignation’ is a thing that many commentators are already saying has hit NZ….and whether you believe it’s alreadyRead more

Understanding the 2021 Resident Visa

A large number of our clients and others we talk to have been asking us recently about the 2021 Resident Visa; this is a pretty exciting opportunity that is likely to be a ‘one-time-only’, so weRead more

Workers & Vaccinations

This is a story that will be set to run for a while but employers in non-mandated workplaces naturally have questions about requiring current workers to be vaccinated.   We’re expecting case lawRead more

2021 Resident Visa

Recently one of our team sat in on a DairyNZ hosted webinar discussing the 2021 Resident Visa.  There were a lot of people on the webinar, and plenty of interest, so we thought it worth sharingRead more

Under-Management is just as problematic as Micro-Management

Through the recruitment process, no-one answers the question ‘how do you liked to be managed?’ with the answer “I really enjoy it when someone micro-manages me.”  Likewise, ask someoneRead more

Does Success = Happiness?

Ever wondered why you search for happiness but don’t necessarily find it?  We found this article by Yale psychologist Laurie Santos interesting and thought you might too.  Make sure you keepRead more

Plan Ahead - it's not too late!

Recently our GM sat in on a DairyNZ webinar with updates around what happens if there is a positive Covid-19 case on farm.  There have been many questions floating around – who can run theRead more

Are Your Staff Truly Casual Employees?

We’ve been reminded recently how important it is to employ people on the correct contract.  Here’s a story to learn from: A dairy farm had employed the wife of a Farm Manager on a casualRead more

Do You Employ Migrants?

From 19 July, changes have been made to Essential Skills visas to streamline application processing and increase visa duration. This includes: Increasing the maximum duration of an Essential SkillsRead more

2021 Law Change Round-up

The Government has introduced several new changes to the legislation for this year. Are you up to speed with these changes – check out the summary of below to see what applies to your business.Read more


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