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Bursting (Out of) Your Bubble

Is it just me or did everyone look a little bit different…better? After nearly eight weeks of only seeing people outside my bubble over ZOOM, facetime or some other pixelated medium we, I suspectRead more

We Like Data...

And we thought this analysis by Newsroom reporter Farah Handcock published yesterday (Thursday 14 May) was a great summary of how NZ has navigated the COVID19 crisis as told ‘by the numbers.’  Read more

Budget 2020

Today we, like most businesses, are analysing what the budget means for us.  There’s lots in it and there is a focus on business and, not surprisingly, the health sector.   Below are a coupleRead more

Are You Proud?

If you’re not you should be.  Look at what New Zealand has achieved through the luck of timing (sometimes it’s good to be at the end of the world), decisive action and a culture that hasRead more

Pivot Your Career to the Food & Fibre Sector

We all know there’s going to be unemployment, but we all also know that there is a continuing ‘war for talent’ so that our businesses can perform at their best, particularly as many pivot in waRead more

Learning that Matters

Learning that matters...and keeps your business 'on course'! We’ve been working hard over the last couple of weeks to make sure that our popular ‘Eight Steps to Increasing Your Productivity’Read more

Great Citizen Moments

Some shout outs to people making a difference, big and small The aforementioned bugle players on the morning of 25th April 2020… Much, quite rightly, has been made of our healthcare essentialRead more

Keeping Your Team Together

Keeping connectedFocusing on personal and business resilienceBuilding and maintaining teams Many of you know that this is stuff that we do well….and it’s never been more important.  NormallyRead more

Minimum Wage Increase

The minimum wage increased on 1 April to $18.90 and if your employees are working then you must pay them a minimum of this hourly rate (except if they are on the starting out and training wage) for aRead more

Great Citizens Moments

This month our ‘shout outs’ are to people who can help us make a difference, big or small Salvation Army and Countdown making a difference through a new ‘food bank’Read more

Can We Help Your Business?

There isn’t a business in NZ that isn’t touched in some way by the current COVID-19 crisis…and we want to make sure our clients are getting it right during this difficult and constantlyRead more

Great Citizen Moments...

Some shout outs to people making a difference, big and small And one year after the terrible events of Christchurch 2019 we celebrate All new New Zealanders…no matter how long you’ve been here,Read more


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