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Who Are the Most Employable?

Around the team table this week we’ve been mulling on a range of ‘employable skills’ conversations that we’ve had over recent months, including… One job seeker who has decided to make aRead more

Are You Ready for 1 June?

Start your new team members well from the start, and reap the rewards!  There are so many reasons to have a clear, structured orientation programme in place before anyone new joins your team. At aRead more

In the Media for the Wrong Reasons

The Cost of Poor Consultation When making changes to a team member’s terms and conditions of employment you need to have a substantive (good and legal) reason and you must follow a fair process.Read more

Too Many Needles

Last week was one where ‘overwhelmedness’ was a bit of a theme.  The first couple of days of the week were spent with a bunch of smart business leaders from the agri-sector, all taking the timeRead more

Privacy Act 2020

Privacy means different things to different people. A right to privacy can mean a right to be left alone, a right to control who sees information about you, or a right to make decisions about yourRead more

Employment Law Breaches Cost Canterbury Employer an Additional $26k

Canterbury employer Christopher Gray, has been ordered by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) to pay $26,000 in penalties for employment law breaches. This is in addition to $54,000 he was orderRead more

Are your staff truly casual employees?

Our recent work alongside a client from the dairy industry reminded us that it is very important to employ workers on the correct contract. They had employed a wife of a Farm Manager on a casualRead more

Covid- 19 Vaccine in the Workplace

With the rollout of Covid-19 vaccinations well underway in NZ, employers need to be aware of the implications for their workforce. The vaccination programme offers light at the end of the tunnel, andRead more

Minimum Wage Increases Alert!!!

The minimum wage is increasing form $18.90 pr hour to $20.00 per hour from 1 April this year So before that date please make sure you have; Checked whether you have any worked that are affected byRead more

Possible Changes to Sick Leave and Holiday Act

The government is currently considering a number of changes to the holidays act. These include: Increasing sick leave from 5 days to 10 daysAllowing employees to take bereavement leave and domesticRead more

Life in Our Zero Carbon Future

Wherever you live and work, your life will be impacted by the Climate Change Commission's low-carbon blueprint.  You need to read this article if you’re a: TeenagerCar driverBlue-collarRead more

Keeping Your Business Safe

The Employment Relations Authority has ordered a small Snell’s Beach Cafe business to pay its workers $136,800 for incorrectly dismissing their staff due to the Covid-19 lockdown, even thoughRead more


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