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Public Training Courses

Join like-minded people, normally from a range of industries, in an environment where the focus is on learning and implementing the knowledge you need for personal, professional and business success.

Our facilitators are just that, people who facilitate your learning, introducing frameworks, giving you time to work out how they apply to you and then working with others to practice and create a plan for implementation in your business.  

Warning:  Do not attend our programmes if you want to sit in your seat all day and eat your lunch!

NZTE Funding Support

Many of our programmes qualify for NZTE funding support.  Speak to us today if your business qualifies.

Here Are Some of Our In-House Training Options

Use one of our public programmes as a base, look at our already tailored in-house solutions, or contact us to discuss your specific needs. Our customised in-house training programmes allow you, the business owner, total control over content and context.

Join One of Our Gamechanger Leadership Groups

Gamechanger is an initiative for people who are interested in undertaking ‘game-changing’ people-orientated projects that have the potential to revolutionise their business.