What’s making our phone ring?

Our phones are ringing hot, and recently we’ve seen a number of businesses considering changing their staffing structure or levels, generally as a result of the financial climate we’re in.  With increased costs, higher interest rates, and a dropping payout, our dairy farming clients, are seriously considering all their costs. 

The most common scenario we’re seeing at present is farm owners ‘coming back’ onto farm – that might be something as simple as doing all the relief milking themselves, or coming back to manage the farm instead of having a contract milker.  

In both of these circumstances, using the casual relief milker less, or not renewing a contract milking contract that’s due to expire, there’s very little process, and risk, to making these changes happen.

But if you have, for example, a Farm Manager that you’re thinking about replacing in your business and running the farm yourself to save that salary – there is a requirement for you to go through an appropriate process.  What that process looks like will depend on your employment agreements and the particular circumstances of your business.

Whatever the reason(s) for change in your business, you need to ensure that you look after any potentially affected team members, minimise risk and keep your business safe. 

If you want to discuss any changes you’re thinking about and the right process to do so, give us a call on 07 870 4901.