How to prepare for anything

It was impossible for me to walk past this heading in an article in the latest PWC Strategy and business e-newsletter.  What secrets would it contain? What amazing insights could I learn?  What silver bullets would there be to solve all my problems?  Of course, nothing really secret, amazing or even silver-bullet’ish….what the article reminded readers was that in an increasingly uncertain future the most important thing we can do for ourselves and our teams is how to deal with uncertainty and keep moving forward.
Of course, as you would expect from a quality publication, the case study (from Audi’s paintshop team) was well written, had a couple of models to hang the content off, and a powerful conclusion:
“The leadership team decided to design the transformation around the insights and ideas gathered from their employees. “We always talk about change and relevance. I think what I learned from this journey is that you can go into the system as a manager and draw out an idea and make people go that way. But to make a sustainable and profound change and to create an environment where something can grow and have a long life, you must talk about the topics that are relevant to the people.”
For Mohr (Head of the paint shop), the answers to how to prepare your organization for anything turned out to be time, transparency, and trust. “We in the leadership team expect a lot from the power of questions,” he says. “I hope that our learnings also help other divisions and companies on their way to transformation.”
You can read the whole article here but even if you just made it this far we think there’s enough there to get us thinking about how you can make your business and team ‘future fit’: