What’s Making Our Phone Ring?

Recruitment is in full swing! We are certainly seeing a later season this year. We know this as our phone is ring hot with good quality Contract Milkers and Farm Managers reaching out and farm owners looking to get their ducks in a row for next season.

If you’re a Contract Milker or Farm Manager looking for someone to talk to about your career and what’s available, reach out to one of the No8HR team for a no obligation discussion about the current market and what you can expect as you look to sure up next season.

If you’re an employer thinking about taking on a Contract Milker or Farm Manager for the coming season, there are still a number of high-quality candidates looking. Ensuring you get the right person will help improve productivity, increase morale, reduce the risk of turnover and create an environment that works for everyone. So again, reach out to the team at No8HR to help set yourself up for success this coming season.

Many people see recruitment and selection as the 'easy' part of people management, but the amount of time it takes, and the cost of getting it wrong mean it's really critical - and not always easy to get it right! At No8HR we have proven processes and a qualified database that takes the stress out of recruiting.