Resourcing HR in your business

The attached article has done a great job of wrapping up some of the key influences for the HR manager in the current environment. Increasing economic uncertainty and business change is prominent, we know this as we support our clients with the same challenges. This naturally sees the HR person or team shouldering a lot of responsibility.  

Is your HR team resourced and ready for 2024? | HRD New Zealand (hcamag.com)

So in a period that we are seeing growing pressure on the HR person or team, who looks out for them? The short answer is that No8HR can, our team is full of HR experts that can help share the HR load in your business. The ‘full suite’ people offering provides you with access to all the capability required to navigate the current climate. This could be coaching, training, a valuable second opinion or executing a key project. We start where you are at and build from there.

If you’re currently carrying an HR vacancy, have you consider taking on a contracted arrangement? It may not be the long term solution (although we hope that it will be) but as outlined in the article, there are a number of critical conversations being had at the moment, careful delivery of messaging potential change is critical to reducing business risk through this period and coming out the other side with your culture intact.

No8HR is designed so that you can get comfort that what's needed in your business from a people perspective can be delivered.