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What's making our phone ring?

We’re working with several clients at the moment in the performance review and personal development planning space.  We’ve had a number of them comment to us that they struggle with separating the performance/development conversations and remuneration conversations.  This is an old nugget that has a simple answer but is so often executed incorrectly.  

Simply put, conversations with team members which will ultimately contribute to remuneration decisions are generally not the place for good, open and honest conversations about personal or professional development.  Nor are they the best places for information sharing if you’re seeking feedback on how you can improve as a leader….so let’s just separate these conversations.

We know that the best performance discussions happen in the moment, contain honest and clear feedback and also feed-forward on what needs to be done differently…

Good development planning conversations happen when you allocate some time, prepare and make sure your employee also has time to prepare.  They focus on the opportunities to grow and learn, identifying each other’s future goals and creating alignment and a plan to help you both realise these goals.

Give us a call if you want some help with developing a people framework or performance plan to help get the best from your team.