Team member of the month - Jesus Ungria

Jesus works for Aquila Sustainable Farming Ltd as a Herd Manager on one of their farms. Read below to see why Jessica (Policy and Planning Manager) nominated Jesus for Team Member of the Month. Jesus attention to detail is second to none, everything is always put away and easy to find. Visitors always comment on the cleanliness of the shed, because it stands out as being a step above what would even be expected of the tidiest sheds you might find. Jesus, along with all the team at Ota, is incredibly proud of the farm and you can see this in the effort spent keeping the shed and the farm in general neat and tidy. 

Even over calving, our busiest time of year, the standards don’t slip. Jesus manages all the calf rearing and still makes time to make sure his usual responsibilities don’t get neglected. 

Jesus is also a qualified vet, and responsible for animal health. Out of our 9 dairy sheds we as the management company are responsible for, Ota has one of the lowest rates of antibiotic use and cow condition is consistently good throughout the year. This is down to the attention to detail Jesus pays in ensuring cows are treated only where necessary and his passion for farming. 

Jesus has also worked hard to make Ota a stand-out farm by creating new entrance way planting areas and landscaping around the milking shed. This shows not only the pride he has in working at Ota, but also his commitment to making it a top farm. 

We are very proud of the way Jesus sets the standard for shed hygiene and how proud him and the rest of the team are at the excellent job they do. Jesus is excelling in his role and goes above and beyond to ensure the best work space for their teams and their cows. 

Well done Jesus!!