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Your Business' Pandemic Plan

In our last newsletter we talked about businesses needing to have a Pandemic plan.  This is now essential:  Under H&S legislation you have an obligation to identify hazard and have in place a plan to mitigate any risks.  The pandemic is no exception, it is now clearly a risk in New Zealand and you need to have a plan.

As a minimum this plan will include:

  • Identification of the risk
  • Controls you will put in place to eliminate, isolate or mitigate the risk
  • A communications plan with your team (how will you stay in contact with each other, particularly as things like social and self isolation practices escalate)

You need to consult with your team members concerning this plan, get feedback and incorporate their ideas wherever possible.  Remember, in this plan that nothing trumps the health, safety and welfare of your team!

Details on what a more comprehensive plan will consider are in this article from PWC.

We are currently working with businesses to help them establish appropriate plans with their teams….let us know if we can help you.  Email