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Great Citizen Moments...

Some shout outs to people making a difference, big and small

And one year after the terrible events of Christchurch 2019 we celebrate All new New Zealanders…no matter how long you’ve been here, we salute you for the contribution you are making to our country, the diversity we all bring which makes us stronger, and the sacrifices you’ve made to be here….kia kaha

The Young Guy at FreshChoice Supermarket in Te Awamutu who earlier this month rescued my niece when she got to the checkout to pay and couldn’t get the credit card to work….he paid over $30 to purchase the groceries for her and then got onto his bike and drove away, having purchased only a bottle of drink for himself….well done to you my friend – a great citizen moment!

The Trade Union advocate who spoke up on the news this week celebrating that the government’s recovery package was going to real people (and not big institutions)…This will be a long tale and ultimately there will need to be balance for the economy to return to prosperity…and it’s good to start with the people!