Great Citizens Moments

This month our ‘shout outs’ are to people who can help us make a difference, big or small

Salvation Army and Countdown making a difference through a new ‘food bank’ process https://www.foodbank.org.nz

As I queued at my local Pak n Save in Te Awamutu for groceries yesterday (yep, queuing for groceries, who’d have thought) the store sent out one of their team members with bottles of water to help us all keep hydrated whilst we waited in the sun….Good on Yah Pak n Save!

New Zealander’s who are abiding by the self isolation rules – you rock!  Those who think that they can take ‘opportunities’ (think going to the beach, congregating in parks etc.), what makes you so special that you think you deserve this privilege more than others?  Shame on you for not doing your bit!

Carolyn Tremain, and her team across MBIE… Thank you for the work that you have done to help every-day New Zealander’s.  The speed with which money, advice and other assistance has been put into the hands of employers and their teams has been amazing…we see you and applaud you.