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Great Citizen Moments

Some shout outs to people making a difference, big and small

The aforementioned bugle players on the morning of 25th April 2020…

Much, quite rightly, has been made of our healthcare essential workers, but we also want to recognise our other essential service providers who have kept the rubbish off our streets, the water in our taps, the electricity in our power lines and the wastewater treated.  How much worse would isolation have been without you!

You for the neighbourly things you’ve done during isolation.  From putting a bear in your window to checking in on an elderly neighbour, to thanking the courier driver, to not getting frustrated with the two-hour wait at KFC….well done to you all, what ever you’ve done big or small.

To the team member I spoke to from a local business who, when I pointed out that he probably wasn’t getting the full wage subsidy he was entitled to, said ‘that’s OK, I’ve got enough to survive, my needs aren’t big and my boss has had to deal with a lot more than me, I’m sure he’ll do the right thing with that extra money.’