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Bursting (Out of) Your Bubble

Is it just me or did everyone look a little bit different…better?

After nearly eight weeks of only seeing people outside my bubble over ZOOM, facetime or some other pixelated medium we, I suspect like most of the country, had an extended family dinner last night (following all the rules of course and I’m happy to report only eight as Mum and Dad decided to keep to their bubble for another few days).  

And as I looked around the table and we shared our highlights and lowlights of the lock down period, I noticed that everyone looked ‘better’ than I had expected.  Somehow more grown up, mature, seasoned, experienced.  Like every experience in our lives, this lockdown period will shape us emotionally, but this felt like more than that, it felt like a physical change in the way we held ourselves, spoke, laughed and looked.  

Maybe we’re all a little bit more rested for not spending time commuting to work, maybe we’re all a little bit more at ease with our own self (having spent so much time with ourselves) and this shows, or maybe (for us girls) we all put make up on for the first time in ages!  But whatever it is, let’s embrace every positive change and try to hold on to something.  An article I read this morning said we should all choose two activities or behaviours from lockdown, one we want to shed and one we want to keep….food for thought!