Kick or Pick the Lockdown Habit

I wish we could say we came up with this expression, but we didn’t, it’s from the Government's Get Sorted programme but we liked it, and the sentiment behind it, so we want to share it with you.

Like lots of families over lockdown we created some new habits and at our extended family zoom meeting last Sunday we talked about the things that we wanted to ‘stay changed’ even though we were out of lockdown.  The range of responses was interesting:

Eat less takeaways

Travel less

See more of New Zealand

Keep in touch with family more

Keep up the ‘family walks’

Re-do our budget – we can live on a lot less!

I’m sure you’ve got a number of these yourselves and, a bit like our ‘remember to celebrate’ sentiment in an earlier blog, we’d encourage you to make a list of these thoughts and actions now….there’s nothing like a good list to look at in 12 months time so you can have another celebration!