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Unconscious Bias

I, along with most of the world, remain aghast that racial violence and bias remains so prevalent in the world today.  The killing of George Floyd in the US is yet another reminder that as human beings we need to continue to strive to simply be better people.  

Conscious bias is simply not acceptable but here I want to focus on unconscious bias.  Unconscious bias is a mindset we all suffer from and I want us to challenge ourselves to bring our unconscious bias into the light because the first step to enlightenment is knowledge.  Then follows actions and choices.

Harvard Business School is running Project Implicit that aims to help us understand our unconscious bias across a range of topics.  From gender to weight, religion to race, there are 13 tests you can take to understand your personal bias.  At the end of each test you get feedback and there are tips for making change.

So we challenge you to bring some of your unconscious bias to your consciousness because knowledge will give you the opportunity to change and grow.