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A Truly Kiwi Experience

Just over a week ago I went to Westport.  Not an easy place to get to from the Waikato with the flight to Wellington, and six hour wait in the airport before getting on the Sounds Air flight.  Needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to it.  But my experience during that journey was so quintessentially Kiwi and such a reminder of what it really means to be Kiwi.  Here’s a few examples…

  • Sitting in Wellington airport in the middle of a winters the day, sun streaming in those magnificent windows…who needs the Koru lounge I say!
  • The check in woman for Sounds Air, I’m sure she winked at me when she said she’d ‘share’ my luggage allowance with a travelling companion…turns out that between us we were ‘just right’
  • The seat belt was a little confusing, but then there was Minister Damian O’Connor to help me with the instructions… I did wonder how many countries there were in the world where a cabinet minister subs in for an air hostess when required?
  • Tim the Sounds Air pilot…Technical expertise and humour….you were right, it was great flying with you and I didn’t miss the coffee service one bit!
  • And did I mention the views…endless NZ
  • The lady at the Hertz counter (plenty of cars to choose from) who gave us an excellent recommendation for dinner
  • And the waitress at the Denniston Dog for the excellent recommendation of the Bhudda Bowl…as good as anything you’d get in a big city eatery

It just goes to show…when something looks mundane it can so easily turn in to something totally special…thank you Westport and Sounds Air.  #Happytimes!