What Does the Election Result Mean for Your Business?

Now that the election is over and we have a result, here is a summary of the pre-election promises that the Labour Party made, that may come into effect in the future.Fair Pay Agreements

Fair Pay Agreements are between unions and employers and set minimum terms and conditions of employment for all workers in an entire industry or occupation.

Labour promised to introduce Fair Pay Agreement legislation for competitive industries, to set the minimum content that must be included in each Fair Pay Agreement.  These agreements would be extended to cover both employees and dependent contractors. 

Increased Sick Leave - Entitlements

From five to 10 days per year, to be implemented within the first 100 days of government.

Increase Minimum Wage Rate

From $18.90 to $20.00 per hour in 2021.

New Public Holiday

A new public holiday recognising Matariki could be implemented from 2022.

Changes to the amendments to Holidays Act 2003

Allowing employees to become entitled to leave as they accrue it, rather than upon completion of 6 months current continuous employment (in the case of sick leave, bereavement leave and family violence leave) or 12 months current continuous employment in the case of annual leave.

Protection for dependent contractors

Dependent contractors are contractors that depend on one firm for most of their income and have little control over their daily work. 

Labour would extend collective bargaining and other employment rights to dependent contractors, including allowing contractors to bargain collectively, requiring written contracts, and introducing a duty of good faith for dealings between contracting parties.

We will update you on these policies, when they will be implemented and what you need to do about them, so watch this space to stay up to date!