Payroll Plus!

Are you looking for a team that advises, provides great management information and doesn’t just ‘data enter?’

One of the reasons clients from the farming and non-farming sectors alike are increasing their use of our payroll services is because we do more than just ‘process the pay.’  Our in-depth knowledge of payroll legislation (as it is now and as it will change), and the nuances of non-standard rosters, changing employment patterns and worked hours, mean that our experts give you more than confidence, they give you the insights to make your payroll information work for you and the advice on how to do it.

These, along with the confidence to know that someone has ‘got your back’ are all reasons why an increasing number of clients are using our bespoke payroll services for their businesses.

All payroll providers take the data inputting time hassle away...some payroll providers have ‘got your back’ from a legislation perspective, bringing advice and support to the payroll party...
Here at No8HR we do all this and much more.  From getting the basics right to providing management reports and information, to linking you with our legislation specialists we make sure that every employee is set up right and paid right, right from the start.

And when things change - we’re ahead of it and providing you with the advice you need to manage, lead and engage with your people with confidence.

So, if you’ve considering outsourcing your payroll, large or small, then give us a call…...