Privacy Act 2020

Privacy means different things to different people. A right to privacy can mean a right to be left alone, a right to control who sees information about you, or a right to make decisions about your personal life without government intervention.

The most recent Privacy Act has brought change that affect businesses, and this mean that as an employer you must: 

  • Not destroy personal information if someone asks for information held about them
  • Report serious privacy breaches
  • Check personal information disclosed with overseas companies will have similar protection to New Zealand.
  • If there‚Äôs a serious privacy breach in your business, you must report it to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.
  • You can only disclose personal information to an overseas company if its country has similar protections to our Privacy Act. This does not apply to overseas cloud-based services.
  • Decide who in your business will take the lead on privacy matters. This could be you, an office manager, or another trusted worker. This person will be your privacy officer.

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