In the Media for the Wrong Reasons

The Cost of Poor Consultation

When making changes to a team member’s terms and conditions of employment you need to have a substantive (good and legal) reason and you must follow a fair process.  This article from Stuff demonstrates the cost of getting it wrong.

The former cafe worker says she was told to “take it or leave it” when her hours were almost halved.


Keeping Your Business Safe

Earlier this month we’ve seen a Southland farmer in the media for all the wrong reasons.  He has been fined $30k for failing to comply with the Employment Relations Act 2000 and the Holidays Act 2003.  Along with not having employment agreements in place for the bulk of his employees, he was unable to prove that he was paying at least minimum wage, due to his time keeping records being so poor.  
It’s always disappointing to see those who are letting the industry as a whole down with poor employment practices, especially at a time when we’re struggling to attract new people in!  

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