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Are You Ready for 1 June?

Start your new team members well from the start, and reap the rewards!  There are so many reasons to have a clear, structured orientation programme in place before anyone new joins your team.

At a ‘compliance’ level, it’s critical that you get your orientation right when a new team members start; your business is at risk if you don’t have accurate and up to date employment documentation in place for all team members.  But a successful orientation with new team members is about more than just being compliant; set your new team members up well from day one (or even before) and you’ll give them the best chance to be successful – for themselves and for your business.
For those of you who have been involved in any of our training or coaching programmes you will know the importance that we place on setting the performance line clearly in your business.  With many new dairy-farming teams starting together on 1 June, this is a critical opportunity to set expectations clearly so that everyone knows what they need to do, and to what standard.  Remember– manage tight to start because it ismuch easier to loosen your management style later than to tighten it up again.
Contrary to popular belief (OK, hope), people cannot read your mind and even when you think you’ve been really clear, they may not be quite so clear about what needs to be done…  A group of farmers once came up with the expression during a workshop with us ‘communicate, more than you think you should.’  And June 1 is a great time to put this into practice.  
If we can help, whether it’s with an orientation checklist to keep you compliant or in helping you to set your performance line – or both – please give us a call on 07 870 4901; the team are happy to help!