Four Essential Qualities of Great Teams

Given the labour market challenges we talked about in the last article, the spotlight (quite rightly!), goes onto retention.  How do we make sure we keep the teams we’ve got? And how do we make those teams great?  Now that we’re into the new season a lot of you will either have new team members to orientate on farm or even if you don’t you’ll still find it interesting to measure your current team against these essential qualities. Research about teamwork shows there are no great leaders without great teams so read on to discover what might change the way you lead or participate on your work teams:

  • Great teams always have a noble cause – have one and make sure you have extreme clarity about that cause.
  • Effective teams drive engagement – make sure your team members feel part of a motivating team, receive regular peer-to-peer recognition and understand how the work of their group affect the larger organisation and you could see a whopping increase of 11% in the number of engaged employees!
  • Their performance is driven by team (not company) loyalty – it is true, people are more loyal to their teams than to their companies. After all we love our countries but we’re far more loyal to our families…
  • Great teams simplify – the 3 most common rules the best teams live by – Wow (world class in every interaction with clients and one another), No Surprises (open communication with no surprises), and Cheer (they root and cheer for each other!).