The Great Resignation

Not sure if you’ve heard about this global phenomenon yet, but the ‘Great Resignation’ is a thing that many commentators are already saying has hit NZ….and whether you believe it’s already here or not, chances are it will be. 
There’s a perfect storm for employers catalysed by two things:
  1. At times of change (and let’s face it, COVID has been a big change for us all) people re-evaluate their lives and often make changes to the things they can control….their work is one of these things.  And with lots of change impacting everyone at the same time, we’ve got a mass psychological imperative for change and changing jobs is often at the top of this list.
  2. We’re in a supply-short labour market, with more jobs than people available to fill them.
A recent survey by Microsoft showed that 50% of the global workforce is considering a change in their career…
We found this Forbes article that, although written from a US context, cuts through some of the rhetoric to explain what’s going on in the labour market…we suggest you take a look…

The incredibly simple reason behind the great resignation!