We know – it really is faster to do it yourself….this time!

If you’ve ever uttered the words, “It’ll be faster if I just do it myself,” then the leadership challenge of finding time to delegate is one that’s likely at the top of your list.  

And we get it – it IS often faster if you just do it yourself.

But here are the problems if you do this too often: 

  • That may be the case today, but ultimately does that mean that no-one else will ever be able to develop your level of skill (we doubt it, no one is that special)
  • Every time you do it yourself, you’re depriving your employees of the opportunity to learn, grow and elevate their careers.  
  • Ultimately, this isn’t building growth in your team and therefore resilience in your business.
  • And, every time you do this you’re also limiting yourself…from other things you could do, from learning, from being inspired and re-energised by the other things that you could achieve.

So here’s your task for today: 

  1. Pick someone on your team and ask yourself, “What’s one activity on MY to-do list for today that THEY might find interesting?”  
  2. Then, talk to them and say, “I’ve got this activity on my to-do list, but I think you might find it interesting.  Would you be up for spending 30 minutes today so I can teach you how to do it?”

When you show an employee that you’re willing to invest in their growth, spend your time, and give them an important activity from your list, it sends an incredibly powerful message about how much you value them. And that’s one of the fastest ways to engage your team.

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