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Small group coaching reaps dividends

No8HR’s Lee Astridge recently completed a small group coaching session with a team from a Hamilton Building Company.  Participants said the small group size and incremental sessions was like ‘having access to our own expert who encouraged us to identify and face into the things that were challenging us.’

We’re about to kick off our next coaching group …if you’re looking for a ‘shot in the arm’ for your leadership and would enjoy sharing and learning with a small number of other leaders then take a look at the details (insert link) and give us a call quickly as we’re about to close applications.

What is it?

  • Small group coaching for business leaders (each group limited to between 4 and 6 members)
  • You bring a specific leadership issue that’s current for you and you’re finding challenging (could be anything but isn’t just a single employee challenge - we’ve got consultants for that)
  • The group works together to understand you and your challenge 
  • Your facilitator and other team members provide insights
  • You decide on, and commit to, your next steps
  • At the next session we hear back on progress, embrace the learning moments and set new targets

Who’ll get the most out of it?

  • Business and team leaders looking to grow their leadership competence
  • Leaders who are time short and need the right information to shape better results now 
  • People who are serious about developing their skills as leaders and know that change starts with them
  • Those who are ready to look internally as well as externally to grow and develop their leadership

What’s the format?

  • Four sessions (can be extended but this is the initial commitment)
  • Two weeks apart
  • Timed to suit members but so far we’ve found that afternoons have worked best for most teams
  • Everyone is signed up to total confidentiality

Why it works

  • Real issues in real time
  • Your learning is extended beyond yourself through other’s journeys
  • Accountability is built into the process
  • You’re building a cohort of support through your other coaching group members

What’s the cost

  • $1600 plus GST for the initial four sessions
  • Includes facilitated group sessions and support for your learning in between 
  • Any learning resources or materials will be shared electronically