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Join like-minded people, normally from a range of industries, in an environment where the focus is on learning and implementing the knowledge you need for personal, professional and business success.

Our facilitators are just that, people who facilitate your learning, introducing frameworks, giving you time to work out how they apply to you and then working with others to practice and create a plan for implementation in your business.  

Warning:  Do not attend our programmes if you want to sit in your seat all day and eat your lunch!

NZTE Funding Support

Many of our programmes qualify for NZTE funding support.  Speak to us today if your business qualifies.

Health & Safety

Here at No8HR we're not about reinventing the wheel and making you pay for things that you can get for free...we're about helping you get the right culture in your business to keep your team safe.  Ultimately, your health and safety systems are delivered by your people and need to work for your team.  We're all about helping you have the right tools and making sure safety is a first consideration, embedded into the culture of your business.

So if you know you need to do something about Health and Safety then talk to us about how we can provide you with coaching and support to implement systems and put team safety and wellbeing at the centre of your business. 

No8HR’s specialist People Consultants understand it’s about providing you with the support you need to implement the right systems and gain the commitment of your team.  Our consultants work directly with you and provide approved documentation, coach you through the process, create accountability and help you train and facilitative the changes that are needed with your team.

Run in-house

Talk to us today about how this programme can be tailored for your team

We can help you

  • Provide clarity on what you need in your business
  • Compliant Health and Safety Systems and documentation
  • Ongoing support through the implementation phase
  • Regular monitoring
  •  Help with team training and buy in
  • Statistical analysis and comparison so you can track your performance