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These are candidates who are looking for work now and have passed our preliminary screening and reference checking process....Give us a call on 07 870 4901 or 03 366 0009 and we'll help you make the final assessment to see if they are suitable for your role.

50/50 Sharemilker 700-950 Cow – Canterbury

Currently Contract Milking our very experienced dairy farmer is now looking for growth opportunities towards farm ownership.

His career has been well developed and has operated on Farm Systems 2 to 4.  There is a clear understanding of farm plans, financial budgets and KPI’s.

He has been involved in developing strong leaders and led high functioning teams. 

We are sure that with these skills, strong work ethic and desire for continuous improvement, that this candidate would be a real asset.

Contract Milker – Ashburton - up to 1000 Cow

Our experienced applicants are keen to move to the area to pursue their dairying career, already experienced Contract Milkers in the Waikato they are looking for a new challenge. Built on a strong partnership they are looking for between 500 – 1000 cows, with progressive owners. 

They have strong beliefs in farming sustainably and rank animal welfare as a no.1 priority. They are a motivated team with passion and enthusiasm for the dairy industry and have the skills necessary for a successful farm business.

Contract Milker - 350 -600 Cow – Te Awamutu & Surrounds

We are a married couple with two children, and both contribute equally to our farming business in order to achieve our long-term goal of having some form of equity in either land or stock.  We believe we have an “old school” work ethic with strong family values that are further reinforced by our wider family support. We are both determined and driven to continually better ourselves and seek to gain as much industry information as possible from mentors, industry groups, professionals and further training.