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Selecting the Right Person for Your Business...Why Choose NO8HR?

Regardless of the level of position, we can help ensure you have the best talent available to select from for your role.

From our full service 'search and select' with a replacement guarantee, through to simply accessing our extensive database of people looking for jobs like yours - let us help you find the right person in a way that works for you.

We all know that the right appointment changes your and makes your business so much better...

The days of placing an advert in the local paper and waiting for the right candidate to apply are now archaic. With a real shortage of skilled and experienced candidates, business owners need to consider different recruitment options to ensure they hire the right person every single time

With our targeted approach to recruiting we ensure you hire the right people for your organisation.

We use leading-edge technology to identify, screen, assess and source passive and active candidates across the globe.

Our Range of Recruitment Services

  • Search & Select
  • Database Prospecting
  • Specific candidate search and approach
  • Advertising
  • Prescreening of applicants
  • Interview support
  • Employment, Contract and Sharemilking agreements
  • Ministry of Justice checking
  • Credit checking
  • Work style profiling