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Nick Coster
General Manager

Nick is the General Manager of No8HR and brings with him a wealth of experience in the rural and farming sectors. With experience in corporate farming roles and almost a decade in banking, Nick has developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that the sector presents.

Throughout his career, Nick has consistently demonstrated his ability to deliver results, whether it be through his expertise in financial management or his keen eye for identifying growth opportunities. He has also built a reputation for his excellent communication skills and his ability to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues.

Nick is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business, ensuring that it continues to provide its clients with the highest level of service and support. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the rural sector, Nick is well-equipped to guide No8HR towards continued success in the years ahead.

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Toni Trusler
Project Specialist

Like every captain, Toni is a skilled organiser of people and things, instinctively knowing what needs doing to keep the team on course and going well.  And these are talents she brings to her advice for your business.  Whether it's strategy, HR or recruitment, rest assured that Toni will help you have your ship sailing in the right direction in no time.

And with current farming interests and a background in corporate management, sales and marketing, Toni is well positioned to understand your needs as well as lead the No8HR team.  Her experience in large-scale global businesses as well as the not for profit and small industry sectors, combined with the reality of running a farm in New Zealand, means she understands what it takes when it comes to making a business work, whatever the scale.

Her HR and Marketing degree from Waikato University has been an invaluable foundation to her work at No8HR along with her strong links to the agribusiness and farming sectors.

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Lee Astridge 
Performance and Strategy Specialist 

Lee's always secretly wanted to be an engineer... According to our thesaurus engineers plan, cause, concoct, plot and contrive to design and modify.  And in Lee's case this applies to business and people strategy and performance.   Whether you're looking to develop your understanding of the people possibilities in your business or want to take a wider view of opportunities and risks Lee can help.

As one of the founders of No8HR Lee understands what it means to be a business owner as well as bringing years (too many to count) of experience in leadership, HR and people development roles.  This includes global experience gained in a range of roles from senior leadership, governance, operational board and management, to technical specialist and advisor.  

Lee is a Chartered Member of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand and has built a strong reputation nationally for both her professional expertise and her abilities as a motivational speaker and facilitator.

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Ramtin Safrang
Consultant and Recruiter Extraordinaire

It's not often you meet someone who loves recruitment as much as Ramtin.  His enthusiasm for hunting out great talent and finding great matches is legendary…from his original roots in Sydney (we try not to hold that against him) to his current home in Gisborne, Ramtin has been there, done that when it comes to talent acquisition and he's keen to get his teeth into recruitment in the NZ food and fibre sector.

WIth specific industry knowledge in both veterinary and retail businesses, along with leadership and coaching experience, Ramtin will help your managers identify those often hard to describe and critical qualities of the job applicant you're seeking.  He'll convert that into an advert and marketing plan that is targeted to gain maximum exposure for your role and attract the best talent on offer.

Epitomising our commitment to quality service from skilled professionals, Ramtin understands business, business leadership, people, people performance and the talent attraction process.

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Philippa Stephens
Contract and Payroll Specialist        

From advice on what to pay, when to pay, managing tricky payroll questions and how to translate Wages Act legislation into understandable actions, Philippa has it covered.

Philippa has worked for large multifarm groups giving her hands on experience in all facets of people, payroll, Health & Safety and financial areas of the business.  Philippa believes in using every day English to help employers meet and understand their payroll and financial obligations and compliance. 

Always keen to help and find a solution that works for everyone and to give you a level of “comfort” around your payroll and HR requirements, Philippa believes that managing Payroll and HR shouldn’t be like going to the dentist!

021 477 121            

+64 7 870 4901

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