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Getting Jobs Filled by Migrant Workers

Sometimes finding the best workers means looking outside of NZ.  This is a complex, ever changing and highly regulated area and that's why No8HR have partnered with Pathways, one of New Zealand's leading and professional immigration consulting businesses.

With experience across a wide range of sectors, including extensive experience in primary sector industries, Pathways are well positioned to work with No8HR and their clients to access the best migrant workers.

Working with No8HR and Pathways to get the best results...

If you are interested in migrant workers you will need to prove that you cannot recruit from within NZ and you will need to source suitable overseas applicants....this is where No8HR helps.

Once you have a suitable applicant or a number of potentially suitable applicants, we will all work with Pathways to assist the applicant(s) and you to secure the appropriate visa.

It sounds simple and we all work to make it simple....But we can't ignore that there's a lot of hoops, jargon, and complexity and that's where having the No8HR and Pathways teams working with your potential team member(s) gives you the best chance of success.

Let's Get Going...

Starting the process of looking for migrant workers is easy....just pick up the phone and we can talk about your situation, needs and the best way to start.