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Productivity Plus

Bringing together the principles of LEAN management and High Performing Teams, this programme introduces participants to the systems, standards and behaviours required to become truly high performing and to engage who business teams in the continuous improvement process.

We'll guide you through the LEAN concepts of waste, process mapping and 6S so that you can implement these tools (at an appropriate level) in your organisation, and you'll also learn about the underlying principles and behaviours that exist in high performing teams and how you can bring these into your business.

This is not a 'corporate' programme, it is a programme that will engage your whole business team, has sound practical tools that are guaranteed to work in your business and will make your teams truly high performing.

Run in-house

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What your team will learn

  • Reduce waste
  • Get consistent results  
  • Improve communication 
  • Get the jobs right 1st time
  • Get better every day
  • Engage your team